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4 June 2020

A Matter of Colors. The Grammar of Nature

Amini Studio carries out a careful and scrupulous research on the theme of color, through the analysis and experimentation of palettes and chromatic combinations. A continuous research inspired and guided by the suggestions of the natural world, which is best performed in the carpets of the collection, defined by the tonal harmonies of elements like stones, plants, shells.

1 April 2018

The contemporary figure of Ico Parisi

Architect, director, photographer, artist and above all, one of the most eclectic and prolific designers of the Italian twentieth century, Ico Parisi is now receiving an increasing interest from all over the world. Collectors’s demand concerning his art works is rising significantly, as reported by international auction houses. Today Mr. Parisi’s work is recorded in a philological order thanks to the catalog edited by Roberta Lietti, responsible of the cultural legacy of the artist, enriched by an introduction by Marco Romanelli, critic of Italian design. Proudly, Amini pays tribute to Roberta Lietti who, with her passion for Ico Parisi’s work, has made a fundamental contribution to the design development of Onde and Utopia rugs, inspired by recurring motifs of the master’s work. Ico Parisi design. Catalogue raisonné 1936-1960. SilvanaEditoriale.

26 March 2018

Carpet Design Award 2018: Best Communication

Amini was rewarded with the significant recognition: mention as Best Communication at the Carpet Design Awards in occasion of the 2018 edition of Domotex. A prize received thanks to the efficacy of its strong visual identity, coherent and unique, able to enhance the particular qualities of the reality of Amini with highly distinctive solutions. Curated since the beginning by studio Juma, in close collaboration with the company staff, the communication of Amini is a set of different supports, from technical to photographic catalogues, from website to social media management , up to the project and design of the exhibition spaces.

19 September 2017

Financial Times

Carpets, starring the show.
The upturn of the rug as a form of art and expression of contemporary design can now be considered an international trend. This is confirmed by a recent publication of the Financial Times dedicated to this theme: a broad essay exploring the most significant cases emerging in the most prestigious ongoing events, from London to Miami, from Milan to New York. A phenomenon that sees Amini Carpets and its partner R&Company New York as one of the most lively and significant realities in the field.

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27 January 2017

Wallpaper Design Award 2017

Amini i s glad to announce that has been selected for the 2017 Wallpaper* Design Award with Isola rug by Joe Colombo as Best Reissue.