Amini presents: RD Collections

Curated by Rodolfo Dordoni
September 5th-18th,  2021
Showroom Amini, via Borgogna 7, Milan

The Amini showroom in Via Borgogna 7 is dedicated to the new, colorful designs of architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni, who chooses a multi-layered installation to present, among others, the new RD Gris Collection.

The new carpet series is a romantic reference to the artist Juan Gris and his cubist artwork, together with the particular color palette that characterizes all his work. The reflection on colors led the designer to research the most suitable materials and textures to obtain that rendering of shades and materiality.

“I think that the carpet is one of the furnishing elements that most reflects and expresses people’s intimate taste. The collaboration with Amini is relatively new for the type of experience and young for the spirit we approach this project. It is very stimulating and the quality of the interpersonal relationship also contributes to making it fascinating” Rodolfo Dordoni. 

RD Gris yellow, RD Gris blue, RD Gris rose

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