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Custom made solutions
Custom made solutions
Custom made solutions
Custom made solutions
Custom made solutions
Custom made solutions

Amini Contract. A project with a deep-seated knowledge of the processing techniques and key features of materials, a tradition-based wisdom from which the essence of custom-made born.

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Design Icons / Roberto Gabetti e Aimaro Isola
From € 2.684
Artemisia, Ice
Classic / Amini Studio
From € 5.948
Design Icons / René Gruau
From € 3.135
Sataranya, Vintage platinum
Texture and Colors / Amini Studio
From € 6.808
Limited Editions

Made in Afghanistan 2023

Amini promotes a charity auction on Catawiki in support of EMERGENCY ONG ONLUS and its activities in Afghanistan.

Amini renews its commitment, already demonstrated in 2021, to support its home country with the “Made in Afghanistan” charity auction: 44 carpets – from Taimany, Bamiyan, Ozbeck Berber, Ghazni Naive and Kelim Kaudani collections -, expression


Architectural + Bespoke

With a dedicated staging at the brand showroom on Via Borgogna in Milan, Amini presents proposals for the Contract world and the new Architectural line, conceived by Amini Studio with the artistic direction of Elisa Ossino Studio.

Focus on

Giardino, designed by Carlotta Fortuna

A luxuriant imagination for the Giardino carpet by Carlotta Fortuna, a random and cluttered spray of flowers and blades of grass that embody the overwhelming and regenerative strength of nature itself.


60th Anniversary ABC Italia

Amini Brothers Company celebrate their important 60th anniversary in the elegant rooms of Villa Erba, set in a marvellous context overlooking Lake Como.

Company, Amini Studio

Constant studies on textures and materials

Study and research are essential steps within the ABC creative process; this is how we achieve our objectives, it’s through a deep knowledge of materials that we are able to create unique and original designs. Our relationship with quality is constant: from the cultivation of materials to the realization of the product.

Custom Made

The practical and intuitive Amini configurator offers custom-made solutions for a maximum design customization.

Amini makes possible the maximum customization – chromatic, dimensional or material – of a vast and diversified collection of carpets: traditional and modern, with complex decorations or minimalist designs, structurally important carpets or, conversely, light and delicate. Through an easy and intuitive configurator, the carpet adapts to the style, personality or needs of the customer, in order to satisfy aesthetic and functional needs, creating ad hoc carpets for each specific project.

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A Matter of Responsibility

Respect is at the heart of every stage of our business. Respect for an ancient art, for the planet we live in, for the dignity of the people who work with us; respect for our clients.  We strive every day to generate a positive impact on the communities in which we operate and the surrounding environment, because people and natural resources have always been at the center of our thoughts. Today more than ever.

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Limited Editions

Amini promotes the merger of expertise, the permeation of images and atmospheres from distant worlds.

The art world, which has always esteemed the carpet as an object, is one of the most important sources of ideas for Amini. Often art preempts and painting best expresses colours, shades, the most desired combinations, the most vibrant contrasts. This is the reason behind the many collaborations with internationally famous artists or less well known creative souls who interpret the extraordinary essence of the carpet to bring to life new proposals, original solutions, unique articles created for an exhibition, a performance or a gallery.

Care and Maintenance

Carpet care and maintenance

Amini provides a series of best practices useful to take a good care of your carpet, aiming to preserve its aesthetics and material characteristics over time. Knowing what to do and what not to do is the starting point to identify the most effective routine for the treatment of each carpet.

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Amini Contract. The essence of custom-made.

Amini’s strong experience in the carpet-making industry reflects in the universe of the increasing demands of contract projects, welcoming different collaborations with architects, decorators, companies, hotels, from original and diverse situations and atmospheres. A venture that Amini is strongly committed to, offering its know-how to the challenging schemes the world of contract projects demands.

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