Limited Editions

Amini promotes the merger of expertise, the permeation of images and atmospheres from distant worlds, both in geographical terms and in the sense of the disciplines involved.

The collaboration with R & Company

Amini in conjunction with R&Company presents Woven Forms, a limited-edition carpets collection previewed at Palazzo Benzon in Venice, on the occasion of the 57th International Venice Biennale of Art. Woven Forms explores the history of the carpet-making processes from India and Nepal and challenges the limits of the craft and the industry by offering some of the design world’s greatest talents the opportunity to explore their ideas on textile.

Antonio Marras Limited Edition

A new route has been added to the many infinite pathways that have been marked out over the centuries to bring lands, tales and cultures of Europe and the Near East closer together. A literal example of this accomplishment is designed by Antonio Marras and Amini, joining two unique geographies: Sardinia and Afghanistan. To achieve this they have put together what they hold most dear and know best: the traditions and expertise of their respective lands.