Limited Editions

The Collaboration with R & Company

Amini in conjunction with R & Company presents Woven Forms, a limited-edition carpets collection previewed at Palazzo Benzon in Venice, on the occasion of the 57th International Venice Biennale of Art. Woven Forms explores the history of the carpet-making processes from India and Nepal and challenges the limits of the craft and the industry by offering some of the design world’s greatest talents the opportunity to explore their ideas on textile.

The exhibition features original creations by a selection of designers: Dana Barnes, David Wiseman, Hun-Chung Lee, Katie Stout, Lluis Lleo, Renate Müller, Rogan Gregory, Thaddeus Wolfe, The Haas Brothers, Wendell Castle. The project breaks from the tradition of artists making carpets by printing a preexisting painting, drawing, or photograph on a rug. Each artist has created a unique design that considers the form, material and process while simultaneously reflecting their individual styles. The carpets are all special editions produced at one of the world’s leading weaving factories in Nepal and India.

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Wendell Castle
David Wiseman
Thaddeus Wolfe
Renate Muller
Lluís Lleó
The Haas Brothers
Hun Chung Lee
Katie Stout
Dana Barnes
Rogan Gregory
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