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The Haas Brothers

Austin, 1984

Growing up in Texas in a family of artists and after pursuing a variety of studies and educational experiences, twins Nikolai and Simon join forces in 2010 to form the creative duo The Haas Brothers. In their current works The Haas Brothers explore aesthetic and formal themes related to nature, science fiction, sexuality, psychedelia and color theory. An insatiable curiosity and an extraordinary creative drive leads them to experiment with different materials such as brass, bronze, porcelain and fur, sometimes associated with highly technical resins and polyurethane. The Haas Brothers currently live and work in Los Angeles, California.



“The idea first came for us to create skins for now-extinct and fantasy animals. We have brought these animals vibrantly to life with their comical names and exuberantly flashy colors. The carpets have become creatures animated with a joyful and fantastical flamboyance.”

Animal Planet
Animal Planet
Cheetah Hayworth
Chet Snaker
Fruit Stripe
La Brea Brad Pitt
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