Amini presents: Woven Forms

15th March – 6th April 2019
Amini Showroom, Via Borgogna 7, Milan

A group of artists and designers had challenged heir studio practice by reimagining the materials they traditionally work in (wood, glass, bronze, ceramics) and creating completely new works using wool and silk. Exploring the weaving techniques for the first time, without any knowledge of the process what-so-ever, the group of creative were not tethered by any limits normally associated with the craft.

The result is an extraordinary collection, made possible by the great collaboration between artists and artisans, which together managed to set the right path for the realization of very personal and individual masterpieces. After many exhibitions around the world, Woven Forms, the limited edition of carpets conceived by Amini together with R & Company, announces its first exhibit in Milan at the Amini showroom, via Borgogna 7.

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