The traditions of Afghanistan, the Amini’s homeland, represent such a vivid and significant cultural heritage that the family not only strives to keep it alive and well, but has also made it the focus of its business for over half a century.

The Company

Amini is a brand of ABC (Amini Brothers Company), a company established in 1962 by Sultan Amini. Its advanced and dynamic structure makes it a unique reality in the interior design business, where it is famed for its ability to design, execute and market all kinds of carpet: whether handcrafted or machined; whether contemporary or special limited editions by sophisticated artists; whether “bespoke” or “industrial.” An extraordinary product range, made possible by the efficiency of a tried and tested organization with manufacturing hubs located in several countries, from Nepal to India, from Afghanistan to Turkey and Morocco, where carpet weaving still represents an expression of local culture. And size does matter, not just in terms of geographic extent. A couple of points are enough to explain the scope and production capacity of a company such as ABC: 750,000 square meters of carpets stored in warehouses; over 3 million pieces housed in the huge logistics centre south of Milan, and shipped all over the world every year. It is an industrial vision with an eye to mutual exchange that feeds on the artisan identity of the product while enabling an efficient and needs-centred handling of each production batch. It is no coincidence that bespoke items currently represent more than 25% of the total output.

The Showroom

Opening its doors in April 2018 in central Milan’s via Borgogna, Amini’s showroom is the place where the brand’s different souls dwell. As a showroom it is certainly where products are on display and presented to customers, but it is also a place for art exhibitions. Indeed, this is where Amini chose to showcase its Icons collection, the work of impressive research into advancing and enhancing the company’s heritage – a task that it has been undertaking for some time. A space of refined elegance, visible in the many exquisite details put together by interiors expert Elisa Ossino, the showroom is home to four “iconic” authors of twentieth-century Italian design: Gio Ponti, Manlio Rho, Ico Parisi and Joe Colombo. Open to the public and industry professionals alike, the Via Borgogna showroom is a cornerstone of the brand’s business and creative activity. It is designed as a location capable of summing up and expressing every aspect of the inspirational Amini soul: it acts as a keeper of the soundest know-how in manufacturing hand-made carpets, with the abiding aim of creating quality, innovation and fascination.

Amini Studio

The desire and need to possess something unique has in fact become increasingly commonplace with at all kinds of clientele; anticipating this continuously growing trend, ABC has long undertaken to structure its organization to meeting all sorts of demands, insofar as materials and dimensions, colors and customizations.And for the same reasons, Amini Brothers Company can boast also large international hôtellerie groups among its customers; for their hotels and apartment buildings around the world it has provided ad hoc solutions, tailored to the last centimeter, and made to suit every type of floor. To guarantee all this is possible, Amini Studio has been set up at the company headquarters near Milan: it consists of a team of highly specialized professionals who lend technical and creative advice to designers, architects, interior decorators and private customers. Its activities range from lab tests to obtain the right color rendering to selecting the best-suited techniques and materials for accomplishing the initial project – all this is part of Amini Studio’s daily research and development tasks. In addition to bespoke sizes, Amini Studio is indeed capable of interpreting the customer’s unique style and personality, giving life to specifically requested designs, developing particular color shades and studying the practical application of new colors and effects on the basis of the materials used.

Amini Care

By way of reinforcing the after-sales basis of its entrepreneurial vision, ABC guarantees all-round customer assistance and product support: Amini Care is the technical assistance service which customers can turn to not only in the event of repairs, but also for advice on maintenance, cleaning and optimal rug conservation.

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