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Lluís Lleó

Barcellona, 1961

A self-taught painter, influenced by his father’s teachings on the subject of traditional medieval frescoes in museums, churches and chapels in rural Spain, Lluis expresses through his work the strong desire to unshackle painting from the bonds of architecture and breathe life into it as a three-dimensional and experiential object in its own right. As curator Pilar Parcerisas wrote, Lleó “does not apply painting to architecture, but he transforms painting into architecture”. Lleó lives and works in New York City.



“Rupia is the village in Spain where I spend my summers, north of Barcelona. From the window in my studio, I see a huge sunflower field and at the end of the sunflower field is the ocean. So when you look at this carpet and you see this image of the yellow and the blue, you think this is an abstract painting.”

Morpho Elena
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