Limited Editions, Lluís Lleó

“Flyer is a series I started working on after reading Night Flight by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the French writer and pilot. He explains how he felt when he was flying his plane from France to South America to deliver the post, how he was in storms in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny plane and in a way he felt he was not part of the earth anymore, he was more part of the divine. That book impressed me very much because it reminded me a little bit of my flights to Spain, it’s a moment where you’re not on the earth and you’re not in heaven, you’re in between and you don’t belong to anything. I created this image to explore the relationship of an artist with the divine, and the relationship of an artist with the unknown.”

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Pile composition: 100% wool
Technique: hand woven
Origin: India
Size: 290×198 cm

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