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Dana Barnes

Dana Barnes is an American artist known for her works based on the craftsmanship of fabrics and yarns, mainly felts. Every work embodies her deep fascination with materiality, process, and experimentation and comes to life in her Lower East Side New York studio where, using innovative wet bonding processes, woolen and exotic fiber masses are fused with contrasting elements like concrete, stone, wood, copper, clay, resin. The result are textural and sculptural works, objects, and site-specific architectural installations that defy convention and challenge the viewer’s preconceived notion of material and context.



“I’ve named the series Retold with each individual piece identified by its region, dye, motif or a detail relating to its original story. The idea behind the title is that since I am infusing each antique Persian with a new organic textural form, the narrative evolves for the entire piece in a way that both coexists and celebrates its rich history.”

Retold Bidjar Iron
Retold Mahal Blue Field
Retold Tekkie Medder
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