Limited Editions, Dana Barnes
Retold Bidjar Iron

“The original idea came about from a collection of antique Persian rugs that I acquired from an estate sale of the prior owner of my current studio, Pat Passlof, an abstract expressionist painter. With several of these lying around, I began to study them and became fascinated with the history of the Persian carpets and how the identity of rulers, regions, towns and even nomadic tribes were linked to the unique variations in patterns, colors, and weaving techniques evident in the carpets. So I began an extemporaneous process of applying, layering and infusing vibrant wool fibers on the traditional hand knotted carpet sort of like the ductus of a painter’s palette knife and brush on a canvas creating movements and textures of clotted, caked sculptural surfaces.”

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Pile composition: wool, silk, bamboo and horsehairs.
Technique: hand knotted
Size: 231×355 cm

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