Salone del Mobile + Milano Design Week 2022

From 7 to 12 June, Amini is presenting a world preview of four new collections: Composizione 1956, by Manlio Rho, RD Trace, design by Rodolfo Dordoni, Nostalghia, design by Elisa Ossino, and Giardino, design by Carlotta Fortuna. On display at the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair.

Composizione 1956, Manlio Rho
The Composizione 1956 carpet references a drawing by artist Manlio Rho. The vibrant, decisive line is the result of a moment in the artist’s production of critical revision of colour and harmony of forms, towards greater concreteness of expression. In the carpet, which reproduces the original sketch preserved in the Rho archives, the brushstroke becomes a textural and seductive streak, with a contemporary aesthetic.

Composizione 1956 Beige, Composizione 1956 Charcoal

RD Trace, Rodolfo Dordoni
A collection of carpets created as a series, with a design running across their borders, enabling infinite compositions. The pattern, like an endless Möbius strip, has geometric lines in relief that stand out against the solid background. The rectangular carpets can be placed together in every direction to create different dimensional formats, without ever losing the graphic continuity of the design.

RD Trace Red, RD Trace Yellow

Nostalghia, Elisa Ossino
A metaphysical atmosphere, a silent architecture suspended in time, like a submerged city that appears below the surface of the water. In the Nostalghia carpet by Elisa Ossino, the two-dimensional design evokes, through its combination of shapes and colours, the three-dimensional complexity of reality. Nostalghia is made in ecological cotton of extraordinary texture and unbeatable lightness, as if the tactile experience seeks to contradict the visual impression.

Nostalghia Terra, Nostalghia Acqua

Giardino, Carlotta Fortuna
In her Giardino carpet, Carlotta Fortuna uses the weaver’s art to suggest an expanse of flowers and wild grasses. A meadow of natural beauty, disordered and casual, where small coloured lines, like free brushstrokes on the canvas of a contemporary painter, become stems, leaves and petals of flowers.

Giardino Light, Giardino Dark