Le Fil Vert. The Outdoor Collection

Tones, shapes and multiple suggestions of the natural world are the elements inspiring the new collection of outdoor rugs, designed by textile designer Carlotta Fortuna. In balance between functionality, respect for the environment and innovative aesthetics, this corpus of rugs stands out for its resistance to atmospheric agents and extraordinary tactile and visual softness.

Amini presents Le Fil Vert, the outdoor collection realized starting from the weaving of a newly developed yarn, entirely recycled, obtained from the reconversion of PET, the common and widespread plastic of bottles. Along with being water-resistant, 100% recycled and infinitely recyclable in their turn, these carpets stand out for their extraordinary tactile and visual softness, comparable to that obtained with materials of natural origin.
Designed by Carlotta Fortuna, the geometric patterns and abstract shapes of the 10 rugs evoke both Mediterranean and overseas scenarios. Midi, Claude, Tulip, Sesame, Riviere, Pierre, Coco, Plage, Prune e Jule lend themselves, with simplicity and plainness, to characterize gardens, swimming pools areas, terraces, but also indoor spaces, in a continuous dialogue with the furnishings of the entire house. Soon available on line.


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“For over 10 years we have invested in the project and today we have come to this collection that combines design, sensitivity for color, high quality technology and the ancient art of weaving.”  Ferid Amini

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