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Precious Fibers Collection

Linen and alpaca wool are the protagonists of a new collection of rugs made of excellent materials, with inimitable properties, and of the highest quality. Natural fibers, virgin, and ecological, intertwined into a sober design, functional to their purity. 

Naua, Precious Fibers Collection
Nilo, Precious Fibers Collection

Whether it is a vegetable fiber or derived from the animal fleece, the word that unites the materials in this collection, is Nature. Precious, exceptional materials, able to give extraordinary tactile sensations and visual emotions. Silky, soft, shiny. Perfect in their imperfection, in the chromatic nuances, as well as in the ripples of the fleece. 

The Precious Fibers rugs represent cultural and aesthetic excellence. They blend traditions of distant countries, geography-wise but also in terms of customs, folklore, crafts, where the raw materials become the protagonists, determining beauty and character of the carpet. They are an expression of contemporary luxury, style, elegance, sobriety. They are ecological, natural, renewable: a sign of Amini’s attention to the environment, and its respect for local traditions.

Precious, exceptional materials, able to give extraordinary tactile sensations and visual emotions.

alpaca wool


Soft, warm, gentle to the touch, alpaca wool is extremely valuable. Not surprisingly, fabrics made with this precious fiber were once reserved for the Inca emperors. Made of natural, renewable, and hand-spun pure alpaca wool, Naua is an extraordinary rug, a modern interpreter of a timeless sumptuousness.


Probably the most ancient yarn oever used, linen, or Linum Usitatissimum, is a material of great beauty. It’s luminous, resistant, and capable of giving vibrancy to colors. Entirely made of this noble, natural fiber, the carpet Nilo features multiple shades of gray which make it an element of furniture of extraordinary elegance and refinement.

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