Elle Decor, La Casa Fluida

Curated by Elisa Ossino
4-12 September 2021
Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51, Milan

During the Milano Design Week the exhibition/installation “La Casa Fluida”, designed by Elisa Ossino Studio, opened to visitors in the historic Palazzo Bovara, Milan. Eleven rooms and an outdoor area providing comfort and flexibility, spaces, and functions, with a natural approach to technological interfaces and a careful eye on sustainability. Elisa Ossino chooses Amini Ritagli saffron lime e Teorema Circles acacia lime carpets.
Photo credits Stefano Giulio Pavesi

Now it’s the perfect time to reflect on the domestic dimension: in addition to architecture and interior design, new and important matters make their way, such as comfort, the flexibility and functionality of spaces, the coming of advanced technological interfaces, but also sustainability and the relationship with nature play a fundamental role. Colors, shapes, textures, and materials have been chosen to represent an organic, flexible, and informal home; great attention was paid to the choice of low environmental impact products.

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