Amini and Label Step, a new partnership

Amini signs an exceptional partnership with Label Step, the independent non-profit organization committed to guaranteeing the well-being of workers in the handmade carpet industry and the quality of the environment in which they operate. The initiative aims at sharing specific objectives, a natural consequence of a holistic vision that has always guided Amini’s choices.

Founded in 1995, Label Step supervises production sites through a dense network of operators constantly dedicated to the quality control of the entire supply chain, and to the development of economic and social initiatives. Amini and Label Step join forces by signing a collaboration aimed at increasing the improvement of social, ecological and economic conditions in all the countries where the Amini production of hand-made carpets is active – Afghanistan, India and Nepal – bringing further improvement to the people through sharing of experience and knowledge in areas of energy efficiency and water treatment, empowering workers and weavers and supporting the production of eco-friendly carpets.

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