Collectives by Carlotta Fortuna

Collectives: Amini reinterprets the Afghan rug in a special collection of one-a-kind pieces. The exclusivity of these handknotted rugs in wool lays in their uniqueness, each of them is unrivaled and unprecedented, each of them represents the excellence of the traditional Afghan weaving techniques translated into contemporary designs, beautifully manufactured by Afghan handicraft realities.

Maison & Objet, Paris

AMINI will be present at Maison & Objet — Paris, from March 24th c/o Marazzi Showroom, with the special collection of Afghan rugs Collectives by Carlotta Fortuna

AMINI c/o Marazzi Showroom
24 — 28.03.2022
63 Bd Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris

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