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The Green Collection Award, Domotex 2023

The Le Fil Vert Collection is awarded for the Eco-friendly Products category at The Green Collection show at the Domotex 2023 fair. THE GREEN COLLECTION is the centerpiece of DOMOTEX 2023. This special show is the central area in which the topic of sustainability is played out. The award for the Eco-friendly Products is focused on organically and ethically produced materials, as well as recycled and upcycled raw materials.

Le Fil Vert Collection, designed by Carlotta Fortuna, represents the ideal balance between functionality, respect for the environment and aesthetically–minded quality.

Result of long technical researches, the yarn used in the Le Fil Vert collection is obtained from the post-consumer reconversion of PET bottles through an innovative depolymerization process. Extraordinary for its softness and ease of use, totally recycled and, in itself, indefinitely recyclable, the ecological yarn represents an important milestone in terms of sustainability and technical quality.

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