Limited Editions, Lluís Lleó

“Rupia is the village in Spain where I spend my summers, north of Barcelona. From the window in my studio, I see a huge sunflower field and at the end of the sunflower field is the ocean. So when you look at this carpet and you see this image of the yellow and the blue, you think this is an abstract painting. In reality, it’s an abstraction of something I see every day when I’m working in Spain. This is one of a series of paintings, always called Rupia, that I’ve been working on. For me they are a way to remember my summers in Spain when I’m working in New York in the winter; they make me feel warm somehow, as if I’m home.”

Informazioni +

Pile composition: 100% wool
Technique: hand woven
Origin: India
Size: 290×198 cm

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