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A carpet that perfectly adapts to different areas of the home, Jackie is the result of a weave created by hand in Indian wool. The short fringe that runs along every side gives a new and fresh appearance, clearly distinguishing the simplicity of the carpet.

Information +
Dimensions (Cm): 300 × 200, 400 × 300
Dimensions (Ft): 9.84 × 6.56, 13.12 × 9.84
Pile composition: 100% wool
Height: 15 mm
Tecnique: Hand Weaving
Origin: india
Finishing: the carpets are hand washed and clipped with fringes on all sides
Color: Cream , Black

Care & Maintenance
A correct handling and small daily attentions ensure that you may preserve over time the tactile and aesthetic qualities of the carpet. In addition to the quality of the cleaning, which must strictly be professional in case of handmade carpets, there are a number of important recommendations to be made. A few inconveniences may occur soon after first buying a hand-crafted carpet for the first time. Recognizing them and knowing how to deal with them can help you prevent irreversible damage.


Designer: Amini Studio
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