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The most agile line among the Amini collections, versatile and rich in possibilities. Made with the loop & cut technique, which gives the pile its characteristic uneven color, Whisper carpets can be customized in all aspects, with a range of colors, sizes and nearly infinite textures.

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Dimensions (Cm): 240 × 170, 300 × 200, 300 × 250, 400 × 300
Dimensions (Ft): 7.87 × 5.58, 9.84 × 6.56, 9.84 × 8.20, 13.12 × 9.84
Pile composition: 100% viscose
Height: 7 mm
Tecnique: Handloom
Origin: india
Finishing: viscose pile loop and cut, hand washed and clipped
Color: Ice, Off White, Alabaster, Light taupe, Dark Sand, Pale Rose, Salvia , Taupe, Steel Grey, Light ottanio, Ottanio, Dark Navy, Caviar black, Brick, Ice Round, Off White Round, Alabaster Round, Light Taupe Round, Dark Sand Round, Pale Rose Round, Salvia round, Taupe Round, Steel Grey Round, Light Ottanio Round, Ottanio Round, Dark Navy Round, Caviar Black Round, Brick Round
Off White
Light taupe
Dark Sand
Pale Rose
Steel Grey
Light ottanio
Dark Navy
Caviar black
Ice Round
Off White Round
Alabaster Round
Light Taupe Round
Dark Sand Round
Pale Rose Round
Salvia round
Taupe Round
Steel Grey Round
Light Ottanio Round
Ottanio Round
Dark Navy Round
Caviar Black Round
Brick Round
Designer: Amini Studio
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