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From the combination of hand spunned bamboo silk, wool and cotton comes the Perla Stuoia line, hand-knotted rugs characterized by an unique pile made of many shades and the monochrome edge that enhances its uniqueness. Each wire has its own material and chromatic characteristic, resulting in a carpet with a uneven surface.

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Dimensions (Cm): 300 × 200, 300 × 250, 400 × 300
Dimensions (Ft): 9.84 × 6.56, 9.84 × 8.20, 13.12 × 9.84
Pile composition: 70% bamboo silk hand spunned 30% wool
Height: 6 mm
Tecnique: Handloom
Origin: india
Finishing: the carpets are hand washed and clipped
Color: Ivory, White silver, Cipria beige, Grey, Green, Terracotta
White silver
Cipria beige
Designer: Amini Studio
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