Limited Editions, Renate Muller

“I have been designing toys for children for about fifty years, so my approach to the challenge of designing a carpet was to think about how to create the same feelings and themes of my toys in a different format. Feeling and touch are very important in my work with toys, so the material of carpet was a new way to explore this. My toys are also made from textiles, so I’ve always felt close to this medium and thinking of the tactile aspect of the carpets was interesting to me, especially because they are handcrafted. When I am designing, I first think of a concept I want to explore and then I talk to children and play with them, and imagine how they will use my work. It was the same with these carpets, I thought about how children would interact with them and I hope that they will really use them and live with them. Children are my greatest inspiration in all the work that I do.”

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Pile composition: 100% wool
Technique: hand woven
Origin: Nepal
Size: 270×180 cm

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