Limited Editions, Rogan Gregory
Primordial Plane

Rogan’s carpet design represents a section of fossilized earth which has been marked with the footprints of passing creatures over time. He sees the design as representing the passage of time, with the creatures whose prints are captured being separated by hundreds or thousands of years, and also being timeless because it could exist in the past or in the future. He sees himself as a reductive sculptor who allows the materials he uses to guide the designs of his work by revealing their true forms. This project presented a different kind of challenge to him as the he was removed from the actual process of making, so he carved a sculptural model of the design he envisioned which was then 3d scanned and interpreted by Amini. The carpets are being made using an ancient Persian technique which will allow them to have much greater depth than an ordinary carpet would, so that they can be carved into like sculpture. Rogan sees the works as sculptural wall paintings, more than functional carpets.

Informazioni +

Pile composition: 100% wool
Technique: hand woven
Origin: Nepal
Size: 247×353 cm

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