Limited Editions, Hun Chung Lee

“The inspiration for this design was taken from a previous piece I created called ‘Mandala’; this carpet design represents a section of that larger work. Traditionally, the term Mandala refers to the colored sand “paintings” created by Tibetan monks. In this form of painting, the significance lies in the process of creating the piece, and less value is placed on the final result; after the piece is completed, the monks crush the painting stone and sprinkle the dust on the river. In other words, the meditative process of painting, not the painting itself, is the central focus of the art form. In my previous ‘Mandala’ work, I simplified the image of a Mandala painting and reproduced it as an installation work by recreating the painting’s imagery using products such as candy, jelly, cookies, cotton swabs and matchsticks: all items that we can find and buy easily at the supermarket. This carpet design is a continued exploration of that concept.”

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Pile composition: bamboo silk
Technique: hand woven
Origin: India
Size: 244×244 cm

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