Limited Editions, The Haas Brothers
Animal Planet

As children, Niki and Simon Haas watched the 1974 nature documentary “Animals Are Beautiful People” that documented South African wildlife. They were particularly taken by one vignette in which elephants aggressively shook the Marula tree, spilling the rotten, fermented fruits to the ground. The elephants and other animals consumed the fruit, resulting in an intoxicated “party,” where all the animals, regardless of their breed and diet, united in communal drunken glee. Niki and Simon love this story for being an allegory about a moment of community, wherein the animals’ perception shifted in a way that made them forget their “natural” instincts to harm and attack one another. Several years ago, when the duo journeyed to South Africa to begin the Afreaks beaded sculptures with the Haas Sisters, the women gifted the twins a beaded bottle of Amarula. Niki and Simon quickly learned that the vignette they loved was an elaborate hoax – an invented tale created by the Amarula liqueur company in the 1800s as part of an advertising campaign for the brand that became a celebrated fable throughout the country. While the story is fiction, the sentiment of putting aside differences and celebrating communal experiences remains extremely important to the Haas Brothers

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Pile composition: wool and silk
Technique: hand woven
Origin: Nepal
Size: Ø 366 cm

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