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With the Thoughts carpet project, Studio AltherrDesilePark explores the concepts of sustainability and vitality. The idea of departure is to the geometric texture, created by the juxtaposition of various tones of uncontaminated and unbleached wools, coloured field brightened by natural but refined tints: helichrysum, cadmium red, rosewood, jade and water. The rug, pure expression of contemporary living, was conceived to give an accent of vitality to wood, cement, clay and stone floors. Incidentally, the design is also contemporary, generated by the Panja weave, which enters the dialog in the context of narrating its own story: with a simple appearance, it requires, in fact, great manual ability in the creation, starting from the meticulous use of colours to the correct execution of the weave.

Information +
Dimensions (Cm): 300 × 250
Dimensions (Ft): 9.84 × 8.20
Pile composition: 100% Wool
Height: 4 mm
Tecnique: Hand Weaving
Origin: india
Finishing: The carpets are hand washed, clipped and carved.
Color: Sun, Water, Black, Rosewood

Care & Maintenance
A correct handling and small daily attentions ensure that you may preserve over time the tactile and aesthetic qualities of the carpet. In addition to the quality of the cleaning, which must strictly be professional in case of handmade carpets, there are a number of important recommendations to be made. A few inconveniences may occur soon after first buying a hand-crafted carpet for the first time. Recognizing them and knowing how to deal with them can help you prevent irreversible damage.


Designer: AltherrDesilePark

AltherrDesilePark is a creative studio headquartered in Barcelona specializing in product design, strategic consulting, creative direction, artistic direction and ephemeral architecture for internationally recognized design agencies. The designs are all characterised by a holistic approach, starting from the design of the product up to its communication, and have a humanist soul: a profound interest for sustainability, colour and research of the fundamental that mixes with an extraordinary sensitivity, giving back harmony and balance.

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