Amini Collections.

Design Icons, Contemporary, Classic, Wild Silk, Tribal, Precious Fibers, Texture and Colors, Vintage, Indoor/Outdoor
Recycled PET
Alpaca wool
Banana Silk
Natural silk
Bamboo Silk
Sardinian Wool
Mohair Wool
New Zealand Wool
Tibetan Wool
Hand Braided
Soumak Weaving
Hand Weaving
Hand Tufting
Hand Knotting
Ø 300
80×240 cm
150×220 cm
220×280 cm
220×265 cm
305×370 cm
270×400 cm
170×240 cm
240×240 cm
100×400 cm
250×350 cm
Ø 240 cm
200×250 cm
200×300 cm
250×300 cm
300×400 cm
custom made
Gio Ponti
Joe Colombo
Ico Parisi
Manlio Rho
Fede Cheti
René Gruau
Rodolfo Dordoni
Elisa Ossino
Antonio Marras
Carlotta Fortuna
Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua
Amini Studio
Design Icons
Masters. While different with regard to generation, training, experience, and legacy, what unites them is a self-same project: a kind of unfettered, personal quest, indeed, a search for the discovery and development of a dynamic and multifaceted modernity. Masters without limiting their investigation, they have dabbled with all kinds of artistic and technical forms - painting, architecture, design, applied arts, publishing, film and photography.
Gio Ponti
Sorrento, blue
Sorrento, brown
Riflessi, grey
Riflessi, beige
Taranto, beige
Taranto, brown
Taranto, grey
Diamantina, multi
Diamantina, yellow grey
Diamantina, blue
Sole Luna, brown
Sole Luna, grey
Incroci, blue
Incroci, beige
Labirinto, black
Labirinto, blue
Labirinto, red
Labirinto, green
Labirinto, blue black
Lettera Disegnata, grey
Lettera Disegnata, multi
Esagoni, blue
Esagoni, green
Lune Collection, Cara, silver
Lune Collection, Cara, white
Lune Collection, Arena, chocolate black
Lune Collection, Arena, white
Manlio Rho
Composizione 57 10
Composizione 57 12
Composizione 74
Ico Parisi
Onde, blue
Onde, green
Onde, rose
Onde, white
Utopia, warm grey
Utopia, grey
Utopia, anthracite
Joe Colombo
JC-7 Isola, green
JC-7 Isola, orange
JC-7 Isola, purple
JC-1 Bubbles, cream
JC-1 Bubbles, grey
JC-1 Bubbles, black white
René Gruau
Valparaise, yellow
Valparaise, white
Fede Cheti
Ventaglio, blue
Ventaglio, rose
Il Volo
Contemporary Collection devoids any traditional iconographic references, placing experience in the use of raw materials and in the different processing techniques at the service of the maximum creative freedom. This is also a collection that brings together the result of the creative dialogue between Amini Studio and external collaborators, belonging to different professional fields.
Rodolfo Dordoni
RD Braque, red
RD Braque, green
RD Shade, grey/green
RD Shade, grey
RD Shade, red/orange
RD Shade, blue/purple
RD Perspective, green
RD Perspective, raspberry
RD Perspective, yellow
Antonio Marras
Elisa Ossino
Campiture, white black
Campiture, beige black
Campiture, light-mint purple
Campiture, teal red-brown
Campiture, orange blue
Campiture, rose brown
Ritagli, vintage platinum
Ritagli, taupe
Ritagli, beige
Ritagli, red-brick rose
Ritagli, saffron lime
Ritagli, apricot pink
Teorema Circles, acacia lime
Teorema Circles, camel black
Teorema Circles, red powder
Teorema Circles, grey blue
Teorema Circles, terra cream
Teorema Squares, grey blue
Teorema Squares, camel black
Teorema Squares, acacia lime
Teorema Squares, red powder
Teorema Squares, terra cream
Teorema Hybrid, camel black
Teorema Hybrid, grey blue
Teorema Hybrid, acacia lime
Teorema Hybrid, red powder
Teorema Hybrid, terra cream
Jean II
Jean I
Jean III
Carlotta Fortuna
Trasparenze, beige
Trasparenze, grey
Kami Kami
The Classic Collection: rich in memories from the past, the collection enhances contemporary interiors creating new languages of aesthetic, in which the polyphonic tale of the history of the objects defines the overall atmosphere. Amini represents the idea of the classic carpet with the new carpets born from the collaboration with Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua and in Rare Velvet, Tivoli, Bellagio and Mystique carpets.
Rinascimento, blue
Rinascimento, champagne
Rinascimento, grey
Pavoni, champagne
Pavoni, green
Leoni Rampanti, champagne
Leoni Rampanti, grey
Bellagio I
Bellagio II
Bellagio III, beige lilac
Bellagio III, beige white
Tivoli, antique white
Tivoli, blue mirage
Tivoli, caviar black
Tivoli, soft grey
Rare Velvet, beige
Rare Velvet, silver
Bakshaiesh Antico
Kirman Antico
Nichols Antico
Wild Silk
The Wild Silk collection draws inspiration from the most evocative suggestions of breath-taking, natural and exotic scenery, declining them into endless combinations of form and color, as nature itself is wont to do. Designed to blend into sober, contemporary spaces, where design is perceived with a fiercely intimate passion, the Wild Silk carpets are irresistibly seductive despite (or perhaps due to) being completely and utterly outside the box.
Deep Nuance
Flora, cold
Flora, warm
Vincent I
Vincent II
These rugs can speak to us through symbols, abstract geometries and code signs. Their natural tones recall the earth, its history and its remains. Their decorations are basic, yet mysterious messages sent from ancient ancestors. Amini retraces and explores this intense, rich history with a wealth of possible developments by creating a line of rugs that combine design creativity and rigorous workmanship.
RD Grid Kilim, black
RD Grid Kilim, green
RD Grid Kilim, ivory
RD Grid Kilim, red
RD Grid Berber Round, ivory
RD Grid Berber Round, black
RD Grid Berber, brown
RD Grid Berber, ivory
RD Grid Berber, black
Moroccan Touch, MT Border
Moroccan Touch, MT01, charcoal/ivory
Moroccan Touch, MT01, ivory/dark grey
Moroccan Touch, MT04
Moroccan Touch, MT06
Moroccan Touch, MT07
One of a kind
Nema Greche
Nema Bordo
Nema Righe
Pangea, Geo
Pangea, Venus
Precious Fibers
A didactic name for this line of carpets that declares its proper essence, immediately, and without misunderstandings. Carpets of excellent materials, with unparalleled properties of absolute quality. Excellent. Rare. Perfect. Rugs able to take you far away, to distant places, to distant times; visual and tactile emotions, a true gift for the gaze of those who know how to recognize exclusivity when met.
Naua, alpaca wool, organic black
Naua, alpaca wool, organic grey
Nilo, linen, charcoal
Nilo, linen, cream
Nilo, linen, ice
Nilo, linen, vintage platinum
Texture and Colors
Traces, weaves, scratch marks, furrows, lines. Nature and its manifestations are the main source of inspiration for this series with a taste for minimalism, as evidenced by the names of the mostly monochromatic carpets that stand out for their in-depth exploration of innovative color palettes and materials. From viscose to bamboo silk, from wool to banana silk, each material is associated with the best texture in order to heighten the sense of appreciation for its features and quality.
In/Lustro, cachemire/amaranto
In/Lustro, oyster/quarz
In/Lustro, cloud grey/blue
In/Lustro, cloud grey/graphite
In/Lustro, grey/acacia lime
Sight, ice
Sight, champagne
Sight, cipria graphite
Sight, grey zinc
Sight, ottanio
Sight, deep blue
Sight, aubergine
Sight, dark amazon
Wool&Silk, alabaster
Wool&Silk, champagne
Wool&Silk, cachemire
Wool&Silk, cipria graphite
Wool&Silk, saffron
Wool&Silk, acacia lime
Wool&Silk, composite grey
Wool&Silk, stone
Wool&Silk, grey navy
Wool&Silk, caviar black
Jackie, cream
Jackie, organic black
Intuito I, bronze
Intuito I, aqua
Intuito II, bronze
Perla, ivory
Perla, white silver
Perla, cipria beige
Perla, organic black
Aura, fog
Aura, white silver
Aura, sage
Aura, ægean
Aura, ash
Nuvola, ægean
Nuvola, champagne
Nuvola, ice
Nuvola, ivory beige
Whisper, alabaster
Whisper, light taupe
Whisper, gold rose
Whisper, tibetan rust
Whisper, ice
Whisper, light ottanio
Whisper, moonlight blue
Whisper, salvia
Whisper, grey sage
Whisper, cipria graphite
Whisper, vintage platinum
Whisper, caviar black
Atmosphere Border, white silver
Atmosphere Border, cipria graphite
Atmosphere Border, sky grey
Shiver, grey
Shiver, silver
Shiver, taupe
Shiver, charcoal
Bali Wool, cream
Bali Wool, brown
Sataranya Silk, light brown
Sataranya Silk, vintage platinum
Carpets with a past of great charm, who find their full place in the modern world thanks to special treatments and colors. These are Revive and Broccato collections, both consisting in an evolving series of unique pieces, made from classical basis. Inspired by antique walls of Venetian palaces the Broccato collection tells the stories of faded wall decorations but eternal elegance.
Revive Special, natural
Revive Special, white silver
Revive Special, light blue
Revive Special, ottanio
Revive Special, blue
Revive Special, purple
Revive Special, black
Broccato I, blue affresco
Broccato I, taupe affresco
Anatolian Patchwork
Revive, grey
Revive, silver
Revive, natural
Revive, orange copper
Revive, raspberry
Revive, rubin red
Revive, green
Revive, blue
Revive, brown
Revive, dark grey
This is a collection whose unabashed intention is to embody the increasingly heartfelt desire to live life in the open air, and to exalt the beauty of outdoor spaces as the natural extension of our indoor settings. An approach that is expressed in the deliberate choice of surfaces, materials and colors used. Carpets are no exception to this rule, and become precious furnishing items for outdoor environments as well.
Pierre, champagne
Pierre, charcoal
Pierre, composite grey
Pierre, coral
Pierre, forest
Pierre, taupe
Coco, charcoal/cachemire
Coco, charcoal/deep blue
Coco, composite grey/coral
Coco, forest/dark amazon
Coco, grey zinc/charcoal
Coco, taupe/coral
Sesame, alabaster/coral
Sesame, charcoal/deep blue
Sesame, composite grey/forest
Sesame, taupe/coral
Prune, charcoal/coral
Prune, vintage platinum/salvia
Plain, apricot tan
Plain, blue
Plain, green
Plain, grey