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In/Lustro, Texture and Colors

Chosen by Elle Decor for the 2020 edition of the digital interior project “IperHotel”, In/Lustro by Carlotta Fortuna is a minimalist and contemporary carpet that we could define monochromatic with a twist.

A shorn wool fleece in neutral tones is the basis of this line, and together with the bold combination of a very dense silk fringe in contrasting colors along the longer edges, it becomes modern and edgy. Edges that frame the carpet in a game of textures and volumes. Original colors, some of them delicate, some decisive and some other brilliant. A color palette that ranges from pale pink to electric blue, combinations that are somehow balanced, optimistic, able to meet different tastes and moods, and to pervade the environment with vibrant vitality.

“Even a mistake can inspire a product, and it was so for In/Lustro. From an unfinished sample, discarded, with an unusual edge, the idea of making a series of rugs, able to revisit the classic concept of fringed carpet”.

Carlotta Fortuna

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