Amini 2024.  Discover all our new collections presented during the Milan Design Week.

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Maze, Black&White
Design Icons / Fede Cheti
From € 7.778
VP Romantica Curve, Positive
Design Icons / Verner Panton
From € 4.246
Collective, Black
Tribal / Carlotta Fortuna
From € 1.891
VP Domino 1/4 Circle, 1/4 Circle negative
Design Icons / Verner Panton
From € 255
Events and Exhibitions

Salone del Mobile 2024

Amini chooses colour as the distinctive feature for the 2024 proposals: pure energy for the shades of the Verner Panton collections, while in the new carpets of the Texture&Colors collection the palette matches the soft, deep tones of nature. The creations by Fede Cheti and Rodolfo Dordoni, on the other hand, favour neutral and delicate, light, sophisticated hues.


Abstract Garden by Elisa Ossino

A conceptual view on contemporary rug design  by Elisa Ossino that evokes a fantasy world, Her creations are an ode to the natural world, where rugs transcend their traditional flatness to adopt organic contours and three-dimensional forms.

Focus on

Verner Panton Lounge

Thanks to the encounter with Carin Panton, daughter of the designer, Amini decided to expand their Icons Collection with three designs based on Panton’s textile projects, characterized by a finely calibrated relationship between colours and geometries. In the three collections Romantica, Domino and Mono, colour becomes the subject of the project. The challenge was to restore the brilliance of the hues and the perfection of the relationship between them based on completely natural yarns.


60th Anniversary ABC Italia

Amini Brothers Company celebrate their important 60th anniversary in the elegant rooms of Villa Erba, set in a marvellous context overlooking Lake Como.


The colour philosophy

Traces, weaves, scratch marks, furrows, lines. Nature and its manifestations are the main source of inspiration for this series with a taste for minimalism, as evidenced by the names of the mostly monochromatic carpets that stand out for their in-depth exploration of innovative color palettes and materials. From viscose to bamboo silk, from wool to banana silk, each material is associated with the best texture in order to heighten the sense of appreciation for its features and quality.

Rodolfo Dordoni | Twist

Twist by Rodolfo Dordoni

Curves and movement: Twist is the result of a journey parallel to the rigorous geometric research that Rodolfo Dordoni has deepened with Amini over time.


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Elisa Ossino

Abstract Garden

A water mirror, a lawn from which a chair or a basket is generated, a magnetic sunflower, a cluster of pink grapes reaching out to. The freehand stroke, used with the exuberance of someone drawing a flower and a butterfly imagining them in front of them on a sunny day, inspired this immersion in the infinite possibilities of customization of Amini carpets.

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Design Icons

Verner Panton

Undisputed symbol of the Undisputed one of the greatest Danish, and internationally renowned designers of the 20th Century.Verner Panton (Gamtofte, February 13, 1926 – Copenhagen, September 5, 1998) made color his expressive tool more than any other designer of the of his time. He traversed the second half of the century illuminating it with his peculiar creative energy, expressed through pure geometric forms, organic lines, and decisive and precise chromatics, studied like mathematical formulas. Alongside iconic and timeless object designs, such as the Panton chair (Vitra) and the Panthella lamp (Louis Poulsen), Panton embraced disruptive research projects, like the Visiona 0 and Visiona II installations, created for Bayer in Cologne (1968-70) displaying an immersive and total conception of interiors.

Care and Maintenance

Carpet care and maintenance

Amini provides a series of best practices useful to take a good care of your carpet, aiming to preserve its aesthetics and material characteristics over time. Knowing what to do and what not to do is the starting point to identify the most effective routine for the treatment of each carpet.

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Amini Contract. The essence of custom-made.

Amini’s strong experience in the carpet-making industry reflects in the universe of the increasing demands of contract projects, welcoming different collaborations with architects, decorators, companies, hotels, from original and diverse situations and atmospheres. A venture that Amini is strongly committed to, offering its know-how to the challenging schemes the world of contract projects demands.

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