Limited Editions, Elisa Ossino
Abstract Garden – Argilla

In Amini’s showroom, Abstract Garden comes to life, a project by Elisa Ossino that evokes a fantastical world, a walk in nature where carpets take on organic forms and three-dimensional volumes. The space transforms into an imaginary environment inhabited by pure, almost abstract entities: a water mirror, a lawn from which a chair or a basket is generated, a magnetic sunflower, a cluster of pink grapes reaching out to. The freehand stroke, used with the exuberance of someone drawing a flower and a butterfly imagining them in front of them on a sunny day, inspired this immersion in the infinite possibilities of customization of Amini carpets. Elisa Ossino personally chose the wool and craftsmanship that allowed translating ideas into unique pieces. For complexity of workmanship and a desire to experiment without limits, these creations arise as a challenge, where the two-dimensional constraints that conventionally relegate a carpet to the surface are overcome. Thanks to special weaving techniques, the carpets become alternately a basket or a seat, presenting surprising material and tactile effects thanks to the combination of felted and woven wools, shifting shades suggesting the movement of water, filaments and fringes of pure silk seeming to rustle in the wind like blades of grass. On one of these soft and textural creations, Elisa embroidered the phrase that embodies the spirit of this project: “An invitation to walk in my secret garden, a stroll in an abstract and imaginary space where time is suspended and objects change and come alive, becoming mysterious characters in dialogue with each other.”

Information +

Year: 2024
Pile composition: 40% Polyester, 30% wool, 30% jute
Technique: Hand Woven
Height: mm
Origin: India
Finishing: The carpets are hand washed and carved
Size: 200×160 cm