Circolo Marras 2019

Curated by Antonio Marras
April 8th – 14th 2019
via Cola di Rienzo 8, Milan

Concurrently the Milano Design Week 2019, Circolo Marras presented the installation “Perdersi ad Eudossia”, inspired by “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino and told through twelve carpets, created in collaboration with Amini. A limited edition collection that represents a journey into the concept living the domestic environment and an invitation to explore and contaminate different arts, such as fashion and design, key, and signal, of continuous evolution.


«Ultimately, as if by magic, everything has taken a new shape under a new form of balance. I believe that these rugs can tell stories just by looking at them. They lift you up and take you elsewhere. Into another dimension. Perhaps along a journey. Or into a forest, or a beach. Sitting on these rugs you can read out the stories that maybe you have deep inside, but have not yet managed to voice and, seeing them reflected around you, you will tap into them».

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