Amini Studio

The deep knowledge of wool, flax, silk, leather and other natural high quality materials used in the Amini production process requires a constant update: that is why the company has created Amini Studio, a special unit dedicated to the study and research of new proposals, made possible by the combination between processing techniques and colors exsperimentations, analyzing and working on pallets and matchings.

The identification of the proper color scheme, in a sort of tribute to colors, it is in fact essential to Amini to the point that a specific section of the laboratory is committed in this very research. A process inspired by a focus on the latest trends in the world of interior design, especially in the colors and textures of wood species, stones, metallic finishes and fabrics. A complex work that is made possible by a proven method, based on a specific technical know-how as much as on an extraordinarily skilled network of producers. Because creativity is nothing without defining the implementation process that will transform the original idea into the end product.

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