A Matter of Colors

Two are the apparently irreconcilable objectives that Amini pursues in its color study laboratory set up at its headquarters: fidelity to tradition and continuous innovation. Whereas Bokhara red or Chinese traditional hues shall remain classics, in actual fact, color trends change with every passing year, and they must be picked up on.

Alabaster Beige, Aubergine, Cipria Graphite, Pompei
Tea, Champagne, Lichene, Dark Amazon

Everything is a source of inspiration: even wood and stone are paired up with fabrics, pieces of brocade, or wool waste from carpet processing as a way to develop and evaluate new colors. It is a living world in which human experience is pivotal. Amini draws from numerous sources of reference, including the realm of furniture and, above all, art. Dye tests are often inspired by the color of a painting or a photo. Starting from fabrics and non-dyed wools, this year Amini has been carrying out an in-depth study of the colour groupings, from neutral to natural, from beige to grays: the basic ones – the most difficult to render authentically. They are the organic colors: the ones that make you feel good. This year’s new proposal was the addition of white and black, along with brighter colors such as acid green, golden yellow, and lacquers.

Saffron, Cachemire, Acacia Lime, Grey Zinc
Stone, Light Ottanio, Deep Blue, Ice
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