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Roberto Gabetti e Aimaro Isola

The relationship between modernity and tradition is quite a lively debate in the works of Studio Gabetti & Isola and very familiar to Amini, which continues its tireless research aimed at enhancing Italian cultural heritage. On the initiative and design of Lodovico Gabetti and Fabrizio Pellegrino, Amini offers a hand-knotted version of the Tapizoo Collection – created in 1970 to personalise the spaces of the Centro Residenziale Ovest Olivetti in Ivrea (TO) – in full continuity with the original design.

Thanks to important research, the company was able to recover the details of the period work and, after more than fifty years, Amini’s craftsmanship and tailoring savoir-faire have given new life to the famous collection, without losing the historical authenticity of the handiworks. These pure wool masterpieces are iconic carpets that recall the depiction of fake animal skins laid on the floor with a playful and witty spirit.

“The rugs are fake […] ferocious animals, lions, leopards, bears, dragons, nobody is afraid of them”. — Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Oreglia d’Isola, 1972

About Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Isola

The Gabetti & Isola architectural studio, active from 1950 to 2000, is fruit of one of the most prolific professional associations in the modern and contemporary architecture panorama, recognized at a national and international level. Sensitivity for the historic context and attention dedicated to the themes of landscape and environment have distinguished the numerous and renowned works of the studio. Their designs, born in contrast to the stereotypical architecture of the time, have given rise to the comprehensive debate relating to the relationship between modernity and tradition.

Design Icons / Roberto Gabetti e Aimaro Isola
Design Icons / Roberto Gabetti e Aimaro Isola
Design Icons / Roberto Gabetti e Aimaro Isola
Design Icons / Roberto Gabetti e Aimaro Isola
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