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Moroccan Touch MT Border

The hand twined wool threads lend depth to the furnishings and make the carpet an ideal feature for modern dwellings with natural tones. Made with selected, hand-knotted angora wool that ensures a finished product whose quality and comfort are little short of absolute, the Moroccan touch rugs span the different hues of ivory, beige and brown mix, criss-crossed by darker lines recalling the artwork of the nomadic culture that inspired them. Interestingly, the more unusual feature lies in the actual color scheme: these are contemporary hues that can give rise to unique items thanks to the Amini bespoke customization program.

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Ivory/dark grey 
350 × 250
11.48 × 8.20
€ 3.843
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Dimensions (Cm): 350 × 250
Dimensions (Ft): 11.48 × 8.20
Pile composition: 100% blend of wool and mohair
Height: 20 mm
Tecnique: Hand Knotting
Origin: india
Finishing: cut pile, hand washed.
Color: Ivory/dark grey
Ivory/dark grey
Designer: Amini Studio
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