Custom made

Amini’s current product portfolio is vast and diversified: traditional or modern carpets, complicated patterns or plain colours, strong or light and delicate hues, carpets for indoors and also for outdoors. Each of us develops our own style and personality and we satisfy our aesthetical needs as well as functional aspects. Amini can customise your carpet, developing custom made solutions for every requirement. As well as its customised articles, the company interprets its customers’ personal styles through the weave and colours of the carpet; it can create individual designs, develop particular shades of colours by fine-tuning new colours and effects depending on the material used. Infinite variety born of the awareness that the company has the excellent know-how and a modus operandi hinged on its ability to switch from large to small scale, to think on an industrial production scale while producing an artisanal product. To conquer new markets, to always be proactive and innovative, the reference point for high quality contemporary design, without forgetting that each single carpet is a unique creation and must be designed and produced as if it were the last.