Home Couture defines a new design perspective.

Amini expresses a perfect blend of creativity, quality handiwork and new technologies, which it deftly employs to make carpets that become narrative drawings, woven canvasses that tell stories, handicrafts that convey emotions.

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Amini adopts today Masters’ great legacy, presenting it with uttermost faithfulness to the originals in a fine collection of carpets.

Masters. While different with regard to generation, training, experience, and legacy, what unites them is a self-same project: a kind of unfettered, personal quest, indeed, a search for the discovery and development of a dynamic and multifaceted modernity.

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Explore Amini collections: Design Icons, Wild Silk, Classic, Tribal, Contemporary, Vintage, Flatwoven, Texture, Outdoor.

The Amini collection is characterised by different products depending on their style, production method and materials used. Traditional or modern, its carpets can be used for a multitude of purposes thanks to their technical and design versatility.

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Texture and Colors
14 November 2019 – 29 February 2020,
Amini Showroom
via Borgogna 7, Milan

René Gruau, portrait of a season
4 March 2020 – 10 April 2020,
Amini Showroom
via Borgogna 7, Milan


Amini presents: Texture and Colors

From muted neutrals to bold contemporary hues, a fine exhibition from the beautiful library of our colorful collection. Monochromatic carpets that stand out for their in-depth exploration of nuances and materials; a series with a taste for minimalism, with tones always inspired by nature, presented in an exposition played around the theme of texture and color.

Company, Amini Studio

A continuous experimentation between colors and textures.

The desire and need to possess something unique has in fact become increasingly commonplace with at all kinds of clientele; anticipating this continuously growing trend, ABC has long undertaken to structure its organization to meeting all sorts of demands, insofar as materials and dimensions, colors and customizations.And for the same reasons, Amini Brothers Company can boast also large international hôtellerie groups.

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René Gruau, from Paris to the Orient

René Gruau has been one of the most significant and recognizable illustrators of the XXth century. From the archive of Fede Cheti, Amini has selected two iconic illustrations by the Italian-French artist, creating two hand-knotted carpets in a precious mix of wool and silk.

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“The carpet, realized in collaboration with Fede Cheti, transfers lines and colors of Gruau’s illustrations onto hand-knotted fleeces in wool and silk.”

Il Sole 24 Ore, December 2019

“Teorema Squares by Elisa Ossino is not only a carpet, but it’s also a decorative element, resembling an abstract and geometrical painting.”

AD Magazine France, January 2020

Limited Editions

Amini promotes the merger of expertise, the permeation of images and atmospheres from distant worlds.

The art world, which has always esteemed the carpet as an object, is one of the most important sources of ideas for the company. This is the reason behind the many collaborations with internationally famous artists or less well known creative souls who interpret the extraordinary essence of the carpet to bring to life new proposals, original solutions, unique articles created for an exhibition, a performance or a gallery.

About Carpets

Carpet care and maintenance

Amini provides a series of best practices useful to take a good care of your carpet, aiming to preserve its aesthetics and material characteristics over time. Knowing what to do and what not to do is the starting point to identify the most effective routine for the treatment of each carpet.

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Amini Custom Made

Amini can customise your carpet, developing custom made solutions for every requirement.

Amini’s current product portfolio is vast and diversified: traditional or modern carpets, complicated patterns or plain colours, strong or light and delicate hues, carpets for indoors and also for outdoors. Each of us develops our own style and personality and we satisfy our aesthetical needs as well as functional aspects. Amini can customise your carpet, developing custom made solutions for every requirement.

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