Carpets that tell stories, define trends and evoke emotions.

Amini offers a wide collection of rugs able to express the perfect combination of creativity, quality of manufacturing processes and efficiency of new technologies. Thus, the carpet Amini becomes part of a story that speaks of style, history, and quality.

Amini Icons

Amini adopts today Masters’ great legacy, presenting it with uttermost faithfulness to the originals in a fine collection of carpets.

Masters. While different with regard to generation, training, experience, and legacy, what unites them is a self-same project: a kind of unfettered, personal quest, indeed, a search for the discovery and development of a dynamic and multifaceted modernity.

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Elle Decor Grand Hotel, IperHotel

November 26, 2020 – January 31, 2021
Digital exhibition

In its fifth edition, the Grand Hotel by Elle Decor presents IperHotel, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. Inaugurated on November 26th in a totally new formula, Elle Decor’s confirms the consolidated set of Palazzo Morando, this year in its virtual version. A hyper-connected display, with practical links and curious contents for visitors, with a rich and always evolving calendar of events.

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26 November – 31 January 2021
Elle Decor Grand Hotel, IperHotel

Company, Amini Studio

A continuous experimentation between colors and textures

An important step within the creative process in which keen researches lead towards the achievement of the desired nuances, which is then adapted to the wide range of yarns and materials. Amini draws from numerous sources of reference, including the realm of furniture and, above all, art.


Ritagli, interview with Elisa Ossino

An object is the concrete outcome of an idea; it is born from an articulated process of translation of a creative and technical project. Elisa Ossino talks about her working method and the genesis of the Ritagli collection, driven by the research for a balance between analogue and digital, tradition and innovation.

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Amini Contract. The essence of custom-made.

Amini’s strong experience in the carpet-making industry reflects in the universe of the increasing demands of contract projects, welcoming different collaborations with architects, decorators, companies, hotels, from original and diverse situations and atmospheres. A venture that Amini is strongly committed to, offering its know-how to the challenging schemes the world of contract projects demands.

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Limited Editions

Amini promotes the merger of expertise, the permeation of images and atmospheres from distant worlds.

The art world, which has always esteemed the carpet as an object, is one of the most important sources of ideas for Amini. Often art preempts and painting best expresses colours, shades, the most desired combinations, the most vibrant contrasts. This is the reason behind the many collaborations with internationally famous artists or less well known creative souls who interpret the extraordinary essence of the carpet to bring to life new proposals, original solutions, unique articles created for an exhibition, a performance or a gallery.

Care and Maintenance

Carpet care and maintenance

Amini provides a series of best practices useful to take a good care of your carpet, aiming to preserve its aesthetics and material characteristics over time. Knowing what to do and what not to do is the starting point to identify the most effective routine for the treatment of each carpet.

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Amini Custom Made

Amini can customise your carpet, developing custom made solutions for every requirement.

Amini’s current product portfolio is vast and diversified: traditional or modern carpets, complicated patterns or plain colours, strong or light and delicate hues, carpets for indoors and also for outdoors. Each of us develops our own style and personality and we satisfy our aesthetical needs as well as functional aspects. Amini can customise your carpet, developing custom made solutions for every requirement.

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