Elle Decor Grand Hotel, IperHotel

Curated by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
November 26, 2020 – January 31, 2021
Digital exhibition

In its fifth edition, the Grand Hotel by Elle Decor presents IperHotel, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. Inaugurated on November 26th in a totally new formula, Elle Decor’s confirms the consolidated set of Palazzo Morando, this year in its virtual version. A hyper-connected display, with practical links and curious contents for visitors, with a rich and always evolving calendar of events.

A new way to discover the different areas of the palace, furnished with new and innovative proposals for the post-pandemic hotellerie. Amini takes part in this interactive project with two carpets with two distinctive characters, Ritagli by Elisa Ossino and In/Lustro by Carlotta Fortuna.

Born from the combination of hand-drawn and cut out shapes, the carpet Ritagli by Elisa Ossino welcomes the audience right at the lobby of the IperHotel, among iconic lightings, contemporary furnishings, and designers’ masterpieces. The silver fleece in bamboo silk appears as furrowed by the instinctive stroke of a pencil, as a cross-reference between reality and virtuality, between imaginary and materiality, between digital and analog, fitting with elegance in the overall environment.

In the music lounge, the carpet In/Lustro, a monochromatic wool rug with fringed edges in contrasting silk. In its most subdued chromatic version, with borders in quartz rose hues, the In/Lustro carpet perfectly frames the iconic armchairs and the sculptural lamps displayed in this hushed atmosphere, complete with high-resolution speakers and lulled by a suggestive playlist.

26 November – 31 January 2021
Elle Decor Grand Hotel – IperHotel
From an idea by Elle Decor Italia
Design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
Digital Design 150UP

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Ritagli, Vintage platinum
当代 / Elisa Ossino
从 € 4.941
In/Lustro, Oyster/quarz
质地不言, 色彩能语 / Carlotta Fortuna
从 € 4.264
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