Elle Decor and Airbnb, The Apartment

Curated by Airbnb e DWA Design Studio
30 November – 3 December 2018
via Vivaio 22, Milan

The Apartment, an idea of home as a container of emotions and unconventional experiences, opens in Milan on November 30th, as the result of the collaboration between Elle Decor Italia, Airbnb and DWA Design Studio – designer the exhibition.

The initiative was created to promote the Italian launch of Airbnb Plus, the premium category that collects original houses of great character and private apartments that are, above all, the mirror of a lifestyle. Among the protagonists of the exhibition, the Amini rugs Trasparenze and rugs Plain, from the Outdoor collection.

Plain, Terra
室内外 / Amini Studio
从 € 864
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