Woven Forms, finissage

3 April 2019
Amini Showroom, via Borgogna 7, Milan

Under the sign of art, a stone’s throw from MiArt and a new upcoming edition of Salone del Mobile, Amini, in collaboration with R & Company, invites design and art lovers to a live experience with the virtuous processes that led to the birth of Woven Forms.

Ferid Amini, AD Amini
Marialaura Rossiello Irvine, Studio Irvine

In the digital age, people are called to reflect on new approaches to the preservation of traditions. The message passes through unprecedented recombination of techniques, a new methodology of creation that today, more than ever, reconnects the visitor with the authentic and ancient meaning of the carpet.

The exhibition has transformed the showroom of via Borgogna 7 in a gallery where the public is invited to explore a selection of unique pieces. The works of 10 artists, Dana Barnes, David Wiseman, Hun-Chung Lee, Katie Stout, Lluís Lleó, Renate Müller, Rogan Gregory, Thaddeus Wolfe, The Haas Brothers, Wendell Castle, are the result of an investigation into the wide panorama of the carpet making techniques and a transposition of the personal vision of each artist.

Martina Lucatelli, stylist; Tommaso Salocchi, architect

On display RETOLD: Mahal Blue Field by Dana Barnes, Paradise by David Wiseman, the ironic series of animals designed by The Haas Brothers, Rain Birds by Wendell Castle and Morpho Helena of Lluìs Lleò.
With constant, and always new collaborations between artists and designers, Amini invites visitors to questioning themselves on fundamental issues such as the importance of preserving traditions, historical memory applied to design, the concept of identity.

A sincere thank you goes to all those who have treasured the experience of the exhibition and to all those who came visit.

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