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Le Fil Vert, eco-friendly carpets for outdoor and indoor

Practical and light, totally recyclable, resistant to water and ultraviolet rays, Le Fil Vert rugs are woven in a newly conceived ecological yarn that guarantees an extraordinary tactile and visual softness, very similar to that obtained with traditional materials of natural origin. Design Carlotta Fortuna.

The ideal balance between functionality, respect for the environment, and aesthetic quality, the Le Fil Vert collection is the solution for both outdoor and indoor environments. Result of long technical researches, the yarn used in the Le Fil Vert collection is obtained from the post-consumer reconversion of PET bottles through an innovative depolymerization process. Extraordinary for its softness and ease of use, totally recycled and, in itself, indefinitely recyclable, the ecological yarn represents an important milestone in terms of sustainability and technical quality.

Le Fil Vert, the ideal balance between functionality, respect for the environment and aesthetically-minded quality.

1. PET Bottle
PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is the commonly used plastic for beverage bottles. Its particular qualities make PET almost irreplaceable and its consumption ever wider, in Europe as in the rest of the world. In consideration of the fact that PET is made from petroleum and as such non-biodegradable, its reuse has several environmental benefits. 

2. Ground PET
The transformation of PET bottles into a raw ground substance is based on a polymerization process. The most delicate phase of the supply chain, which is actually very organized and efficient, consists in the selection of PET from other materials, such as PVC or other plastics, paper, glass, sand, earth, stones and metals. The resulting material lends itself to subsequent processing, which varies according to the area of use. 

3. Ecological yarn
Obtained from the processing of PET, so 100% recycled and in turn infinitely recyclable, the ecological yarn guarantees constant qualities of ductility, resistance to use and UV rays, as well as an extraordinary softness. Compared to the virgin polyester production system, the recycling process from which the ecological yarn derives guarantees an energy saving of 50%.

Pierre, Champagne
室内外 / Carlotta Fortuna
从 € 447
Prune, Vintage platinum/salvia
室内外 / Carlotta Fortuna
从 € 387
Coco, Charcoal/cachemire
室内外 / Carlotta Fortuna
从 € 327
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