Amini Showroom, Salone del Mobile 2019

Showroom Amini, via Borgogna 7

Framed by the dynamic environment of the Milanese week dedicated to the world of design, event that echoes internationally calling a vast public from all over the world, Amini presents its new collections 2019.

Amini showroom in via Borgogna 7, in Milan, presents a new exhibition concurrently the week of Salone del Mobile, curated in order to launch the new proposals 2019. A polyhedral and charismatic collection of contemporary proposals, mirror of the modernity of our days, weaved accordingly to ancient traditions. Carpets able to create links between different cultures through the artistic visions of Rodolfo Dordoni and Antonio Marras and the historical, cultural excellence of the weaving techniques distinctive of Middle Eastern countries; rugs that combine the classic and refined decorations of Tessitura Bevilacqua with the conceptuality and contemporaneity of Elisa Ossino’s proposal, a perfect balance of simplicity of shapes and sophistication of color combinations.



The Milanese showroom, inaugurated in 2018 and designed by Elisa Ossino Studio, has celebrated its first birthday coinciding the Milan Design Week. We had the chance to celebrate the event with you, a great occasion to spend an evening in good company.

Teorema Circles, Red powder
当代 / Elisa Ossino
从 € 1.669
Teorema Hybrid, Red powder
当代 / Elisa Ossino
从 € 1.669
质地不言, 色彩能语 / Antonio Marras
从 € 0
RD Grid Berber, Ivory
当代 / Rodolfo Dordoni
从 € 3.111
RD Shade, Green
当代 / Rodolfo Dordoni
从 € 6.497
RD Perspective, Green
当代 / Rodolfo Dordoni
从 € 3.257
Leoni Rampanti, Grey
经典 / Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua
从 € 7.759