Circolo Marras | 2020

21 February 2020
via Cola di Rienzo 8, Milan

Amini and Antonio Marras together for the Milano Fashion Week 2020. The collaboration between Amini and the Italian fashion designer has always been a great occasion to experiment and explore: a consolidated bond led by a common vision and passion for new challenges. Amini took part in the show dressing the set of Marras’ catwalk with a fine selection of monochromatic and optical kilims reflecting and emphasizing the mood of the event, entitled The crazy sewing machine and the sparkling Jana. A genuine tale about how we can “abandon the usual paths and the well-known to discover meanings that are both ancient and new, universal and individual”.

Since then Graziedda was called the Sparkling Jana, teaching everyone how to use the machines. The
 Janas lived happily ever after, sewing and creating. Even the crazy-sewing machine found its place and
 stayed with them forever.

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