Vintage Collection
Revive Special, light blue

Carpets with a past of great charm, who find their full place in the modern world thanks to special treatments and colors. Revive collection is brought to life thanks to a long collaboration with craft masters who, thanks to a series of treatments such as new chiseling and dying, bring back to life the carpet, originally from the 60s/70s. The result is a completely new carpet, with unique details highlighted by embroidery and finishing.

Pile composition: 100% wool
Height: 5 mm
Technique: hand knotted
Origin: Afghanistan
Finishing: the carpets are salt washed and overdyed
Stock sizes: 250/270×350/400 cm

Unique pieces of carpets reinterpreted in Vintage style to be selected individually.

cod. 4245686
cod. 4246114
cod. 4245673
cod. 4245655
cod. 4245710
cod. 4245709
cod. 4245652
cod. 2425679
cod. 4245667
cod. 4245684
cod. 4245630
cod. 4246112
cod. 4245610
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