Tribal Collection
Pangea, Venus

Pangea delves into the roots of History, however, in its being “primitive” it raises cultural references that already belong to us. Made of precious silk and hand carded Tibetan wool this collection of artifacts boasts the refined and today even more precious advantage of being “real”. Thus, spots that appear to have been left by fingerprints then make up hardly Euclidean geometrical shapes that are repeated, appear and fade, and rise up in more or less visible patterns.

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Quality: 100.000 knots/sqm
Pile composition: 50% bamboo silk, 50% Tibetan wool (hand spun wool hand carded)
Height: 12 mm
Technique: hand knotted
Origin: India
Finishing: the carpets are hand washed, clipped and carved. The fringes are revolved on the backside and covered with cloth
Stock sizes: 250×300 cm
Lead time for custom sizes: 4 months

Venus warm
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