About us

Light and matter: Elisa Ossinobasedherproject for AMINI's Milan showroom in via Borgogna on the relationshipbetweenthesetwoelements, creating a vibrantmonochrome box, a sortof art gallerywherecarpets are displayedmuchlikepaintings by grandmasters.

Interiorsthus turn intocontinuoussurfacesdesigned with the aim of doingaway with doors and cabinets, concealedbehind full heightwallincisions and made to blend in with the wallsthemselves. Walls, ceilings and doors are entirely lime-coated, with the sole exception of a subtlecontrast of a walltreated with granular plaster.

With theiroval and sculpturalshape, the threecentralcolumnsconvey a strong identity to the showroom space, whichalsofeatures a long solidwoodsideboard, entirelycoated in bush-hammeredstone, almostas to create visualcontinuity with the carvedstonetable, almostasimposingas a monolith, and whosevolumetricpresenceisalsoenhanced by the thicksurface top.

The waxedblackironengravings made on the doors traceverticallinesthatvisually continue with the parapetdetail, whichis made of glass in an effort to break down anyvisualbarrier and enable a highlyprospectivevision of the entirespaceifviewed from the entrance, and itsclearinterpretationifviewed from above.

Open to the public and industryprofessionalsalike, the Via Borgogna showroom is a cornerstone of the brand's business and creative activity. Itisdesignedas a locationcapable of summing up and expressingeveryaspect of the inspirationalAmini soul: itactsas a keeper of the soundest know-how in manufacturing hand-made carpets, with the abidingaim of creatingquality, innovation and fascination.