About us

Light and matter: Elisa Ossino based her project for AMINI's Milan showroom in via Borgogna on the relationship between these two elements, creating a vibrant monochrome box, a sort of art gallery where carpets are displayed much like paintings by grandmasters.

Interiors thus turn into continuous surfaces designed with the aim of doing away with doors and cabinets, concealed behind full height wall incisions and made to blend in with the walls themselves. Walls, ceilings and doors are entirely lime-coated, with the sole exception of a subtle contrast of a wall treated with granular plaster.

With their oval and sculptural shape, the three central columns convey a strong identity to the showroom space, which also features a long solid wood sideboard, entirely coated in bush-hammered stone, almost as to create visual continuity with the carved stone table, almost as imposing as a monolith, and whose volumetric presence is also enhanced by the thick surface top.

The waxed black iron engravings made on the doors trace vertical lines that visually continue with the parapet detail, which is made of glass in an effort to break down any visual barrier and enable a highly prospective vision of the entire space if viewed from the entrance, and its clear interpretation if viewed from above.

Open to the public and industry professionals alike, the Via Borgogna showroom is a cornerstone of the brand's business and creative activity. It is designed as a location capable of summing up and expressing every aspect of the inspirational Amini soul: it acts as a keeper of the soundest know-how in manufacturing hand-made carpets, with the abiding aim of creating quality, innovation and fascination.