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A metaphysical atmosphere, a silent architecture suspended in time, like a submerged city that appears below the surface of the water. In the Nostalghia carpet by Elisa Ossino, the two-dimensional design evokes, through its combination of shapes and colours, the three-dimensional complexity of reality. Nostalghia is made in ecological cotton of extraordinary texture and unbeatable lightness, as if the tactile experience seeks to contradict the visual impression.

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Cm: 300 × 250
Ft: 9.84 × 8.20
Quality: 120.000 nodi/mq
Pile composition: 100% organic cotton GOTS certified
Height: 16 mm
Tecnique: Hand Knotting
Origin: india
Finishing: The carpets are hand washed, clipped and carved. The yarns are coloured with natural dyes.
Color: Terra
Designer: Elisa Ossino

Elisa Ossino is an architect and interior designer. Sicilian, she trained in Milan, where she studied at  Polytechnic University. In 2006 he founded Elisa Ossino Studio, a structure with which he deals with residential and retail interiors, product design, set design. Her work combines geometric abstraction, monochromes, metaphysical and surrealist references, giving life to a coherent and allusive relationship between space, identified by the strong trait of his sign, light and objects. 

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