Every Woven Forms rug tells a different story. Joining
them together, one common denominator: cohesion among
cultures, experimentation and refined weaving.

Living, March 2019

“The carpet, realized in collaboration with Fede Cheti,
transfers lines and colors of Gruau’s illustrations
onto hand-knotted fleeces in wool and silk.”

Il Sole 24 Ore, December 2019

“Teorema Squares by Elisa Ossino is not only a carpet,
but it’s also a decorative element, resembling
an abstract and geometrical painting.”

AD Magazine France, January 2020

March, 2020

Elle Decor

March, 2020


"Verso Oriente"
February, 2020

Vivre Côté

"Traits d'Épure"
February, 2020


"Giardino d'interno"
February, 2020

Marie Claire